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Particle Solutions Software

Particle Solutions' latest releases add the following features to Brookhaven Instruments' powerful particle characterization software suite: Laboratory Information Management System support, Surface Zeta Potential measurement capability, Multimodal Size Distribution refinement, Health Mode post-measurement analysis, and Statistical Process Control.


Nanoparticle, protein & polymer characterization with Particle Solutions!

Features at a glance

  • Essentials mode, which offers a simplified user interface for more general purpose, routine, and basic measurements
  • Custom correlator layouts now provide the most accurate size measurements and  size distrubutions for all samples
  • LIMS Laboratory Information Management System support
  • SZP Surface Zeta Potential measurement capability
  • Multimodal Size Distribution which has been refined to give a more accurate graphical image of the particles being measured
  • Health Mode post-measurement analysis for DLS, ELS, and PALS
  • Statistical Process Control seamlessly integrated
  • DLS Microrheology measuring technique for viscoelastic properties of complex fluids such as aggregating protein solutions
  • SOP Help: SOP editors now have pop-up help that describes each parameter
  • Professional Recommendations: before, during, and after measurements; the software now offers recommendations to improve measurement quality and resolve common problems.
  • Easily filter & search sample data
  • Quickly & easily export results to: XLS, PDF, or CSV formats
  • Configurable display of data & reporting formats
  • Automation options optimize workloads

3D Graphing option with Particle Solutions

Note: Particle Solutions is only usable with Brookhaven Instruments light scattering systems.

Custom correlator layouts now provide the most accurate size measurements and size distributions for all samples



Supported Instruments:

  • NanoBrook Omni
  • NanoBrook 173Plus
  • NanoBrook 173
  • NanoBrook 90Plus PALS
  • NanoBrook 90Plus Zeta
  • NanoBrook 90Plus
  • NanoBrook ZetaPALS
  • NanoBrook ZetaPlus
  • ASEC


Hardware Requirements:

 Recommended Requirements
CPU Dual Core 3 GHz or better
RAM 1 GB or better
Disk Space 100 MB or better
Operating System Windows 7 or later
Screen Resolution 19", 1440 x 900 or larger


A policy of continual improvement may lead to specification changes.

Typical Applications

Typical Applications

Particle Solutions is a powerful new suite of software. It integrates five different measuring technologies: DLS, ELS, PALS, μRhe, and ASEC in one package.

Measurements made with earlier versions of Brookhaven Instruments software can be imported into Particle Solutions, and then analyzed with the same powerful tools.

μRhe Applications:

  • Rheological characterization of complex fluids: synthetic polymer solutions, biopolymers, saliva,
  • Viscoelasticity in aggregation of dilute protein solutions
  • Surfactant systems
  • Dispersions with microstructural networks

Absolute Size Exclusion Chromatography with Particle Solutions:

  • 20 mg/mL BSA in 150 mM PBS to promote aggregation
  • Monitor aggregation using SLS & DLS, intensity and size
  • Monomer, dimer, trimer and n-mers clearly visible
  • Adjustable correlation duration to match flow rates
  • Independent scaling of intensity and size

Request a Software License

Thank you for choosing Brookhaven Instruments for your Particle Solutions!

To request a license for Particle Solutions, please fill out the following form:

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*The serial number of the instrument that collects measurements

** Please note licenses are typically processed within one business day. **

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