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Aggregation Detection by Laser Light Scattering

Learn about how Brookhaven’s NanoBrook Omni and Autotitrator can be used together to detect the onset of aggregation in this study of iron oxide.

Micellar Water and Laser Light Scattering

Micellar Water & Laser Light Scattering

As featured in Personal Care Europe, Brookhaven Instruments studies the differences among commercially available facial cleansers using its NanoBrook Omni. Find out how the technology works and how it can improve QC processes in cosmetics.

New Software Update: Particle Solutions 3.5

New Software Update: Particle Solutions 3.5

Particle Solutions 3.5 introduces an Essentials mode, which offers a simplified user interface for more general purpose, routine, and basic measurements. With Essentials mode, the advanced parameters are simplified, leaving just the necessary options for conducting good sample analysis. This is ideal for quality control, beginners, and routine testing.

Small Volume Zeta Potential Electrode: BI-SVE175

Small Volume Zeta Potential Electrode: BI-SVE175

Brookhaven’s new Small Volume Electrode, BI-SVE175, pushes the bounds of Zeta Potential measurement. Its design minimizes waste and preserves expensive or rare samples with its ability to measure the Zeta Potential with a sample volume of just 175 microliters. Not only does the BI-SVE175 preserve samples, it can measure the most sensitive of samples. The electrode is designed to measure proteins without denaturing them, and its use of low voltage allows samples with extremely high salt concentration to be measured with no difficulty. It is compatible with the NanoBrook series of instruments.

Surface Zeta Potential

Surface Zeta Potential

Brookhaven’s Surface Zeta Potential option for the NanoBrook series of instruments (with PALS capability) allows the user to measure the electrical charge on materials like coated glass, plastic, tape, or other flexible surfaces. The system uses known probe particles and purpose-designed electrode to calculate surface zeta potential.

MicroBrook 2000LD

New Instrument Release: MicroBrook 2000LD

Brookhaven Instruments is proud to add another quality instrument to its product line, the MicroBrook 2000LD 

NanoBrook series

New Instrument Release: NanoBrook series

The NanoBrook Omni combines state of the art technology from Brookhaven's particle/protein sizers and zeta potential analyzers in to one powerful and accurate instrument.

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