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21 CFR Part 11 compliant software from Brookhaven Instruments
second virial coefficient
Behavior of Complex Solutions at Eastman Kodak TurboCorr
Styrene/Butyl Acrylate BI-DCP Helps in Studying Styrene/Butyl Acrylate Miniemulsion-based PSAs BI-DCP
skin care
BI-XDC, Application to Sunscreen Formulation BI-XDC
superfine inorganic oxides
Brookhaven Increases Sensitivity of Particle Measurement System
SQELS Brookhaven Instruments BI-9000AT Correlator Assists UK Universities with SQELS Biopolymer Research TurboCorr
styrene butyacrylate copolymer particles
Brookhaven ZetaPALS Instruments Juggles Many Diverse Projects in Sheffield
Shell Crosslinked Nanoparticles Brookhaven’s BI-200SM Effective in DNA Compaction Research featured in Oxford University Press BI-200SM
salt ions
salting out effect
shear plane
steric hindrance
surface charge density
Colloidal Stability in Aqueous Suspensions
sample filtration
Introducing the Sample Filtration System BI-SFS
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