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Particle Size Analyzer

21 CFR Part 11 compliant software from Brookhaven Instruments
Advanced Polymer Studies, University of Washington BI-200SM
Aggregation of Particles in Beer
Agrochemical Research at BASF
BI-DCP Helps in Studying Styrene/Butyl Acrylate Miniemulsion-based PSAs BI-DCP
BI-XDC, Application to Sunscreen Formulation BI-XDC
Brookhaven 90Plus supports vaccine characterization
Brookhaven Inscreases Sensitivity of Particle Measurement System
Brookhaven Instruments aids in the development of aqueous gel-casting FDP frameworks BI-XDC
Brookhaven Instruments Boosts Polymer Research in Cyprus BI-MwA
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Featured Instruments

BI-DCP Disc Centrifuge
NanoBrook Omni Particle Sizer, Zeta Potential and Molecular Weight Analyzer with Microrheology
BI-XDC X-ray Disc Centrifuge
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