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Hydrotropic Block Copolymer
BI-200SM Used in Paclitaxel Breakthrough Study BI-200SM
hydrated salt ions
Brookhaven Increases Sensitivity of Particle Measurement System
Heteropolysaccharide Brookhaven’s BI-200SM Effective in Characterizing Malva Mauritania L. BI-200SM
high ionic strength
Clarkson University praises Brookhaven Instruments TurboCorr BI-200SM
hydrophoic surfaces
Colloidal Stability in Aqueous Suspensions
Dielectric Constant of Hydrocarbon Cleaner BI-870
high ionic strength
Gene Delivery Research at CalTech
hydrophobic surfaces Hong Kong Polytechnic University Utilizes Brookhaven’s NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer
high resolution particle sizing Materials Science Research BI-DCP
high salt
Molecular and Engineering Thermodynamics; University of Delaware
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