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BI-ZTU Autotitrator



Features at a glance

  • Titrations with acids, bases, salts, and surfactants
  • 4 metering pumps for ultimate versatility
  • Disposable sample cups

Brookhaven's BI-ZTU Autotitrator

Product Description

The BI-ZTU, autotitrator option for the NanoBrook zeta potential analyzers is ideal for automatic determination of the isoelectric point, the IEP, of colloidal materials. Four pumps provide unparalled flexibility for optimizing reagent use. The dramatic savings of reduced labor
costs will also encourage larger scale studies that will produce more valuable results.

In addition, the BI-ZTU can be used to evaluate the effect of salt concentration on zeta potential. Also, the surfactant costs can be minimized. Use the BI-ZTU to find the minimum concentration at which the zeta potential does not significantly change.

Easy Operation

Attach the power supply to the rear of the BI-ZTU. Connect the BI-ZTU to the zeta instrument using the standard USB cable. Fill the four 100 mL standard reagent bottles. Insert the tubes. Replace the plug-in electrode assembly with the flow cell. You are ready to go.

Integrated, Simple Software

When the BI-ZTU option is added to a NanoBrook zeta potential instrument, the titrator command appears in the main menu bar. The software automatically guides the user through an autotitration experiment. User friendly dialog boxes guide even the inexperienced operator through each step.

Example of pH titration measurement results.
Data was collected and analyzed automatically, saving labor and time.

Typical Applications

Typical Applications

  • Determine isoelectric point with acid/base or reagent titration.
  • Optimize surfactant concentration.
  • Measure effect of salt concentration (ionic strength) on zeta potential.



Range pH 2 to pH 12.
Cell Flow cell included. Fits into instrument square cell holder. For use with NanoBrook: 90Plus Zeta, 90Plus PALS, ZetaPlus, ZetaPALS, and the Omni.
Tubing 1.00 mm (0.040") I.D. Teflon tubing.
External Fittings Luer Lock
Includes pH probe and 4, 100 mL, screw-cap bottles.
Size small footprint, HWD 310 x 180 x 290 mm wide
Power 110/115/220/240 VAC, 60/60 Hz, 25 Watts
Certifications CE Marked

To retrofit to older units, contact the factory.

A policy of continual improvement may lead to specification changes.

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