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When Software is Important

Particle Solutions

Integrated DLS, ELS, PALS, μRhe, and ASEC software

Integrated DLS, ELS, PALS, μRhe, and ASEC software

Particle Solutions now includes:
  • LIMS Laboratory Information Management System support
  • SZP Surface Zeta Potential measurement capability
  • Multimodal Size Distribution which has been refined to give a more accurate graphical image of the particles being measured
  • Health Mode post-measurement analysis for DLS, ELS, and PALS
  • Statistical Process Control seamlessly integrated
Particle Solutions: a robust suite of software that integrates five measuring technologies in one package: DLS, ELS, PALS, ASEC and μRhe.

ParSEC Software

Advanced GPC/SEC Software for Macromolecular Characterization

Advanced GPC/SEC Software for...

ParSECis a powerful new suite of software for multi detector, macromolecular characterization and represents the most significant development in GPC/SEC analysis. ParSEC is compatible with ALL GPC/SEC systems and detectors. Many attractive and practical features have been written into the new software for the benefit of chromatographers, including "function specific" views, ensuring the uncluttered display of information relevant to the task at hand, customizable display and annotation options for all graph types, plus a Database approach for practical storage and archiving of data and results associated with any application.
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