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  • nanomwa

    NanoBrook Omni

    The NanoBrook Omni combines the best technology for particle sizing and zeta potential in to one powerful machine. Measure samples in nearly every possible suspension environment from high salts such as PBS and sea water, to organic solvents, and standard aqueous solutions.

  •  mwa


    Quickly, easily, and accurately determine absolute molecular weights of proteins and polymers. Eliminate SEC/GPC column calibration and improve data quality.

  •    dcp small 2    xdc

    BI-DCP and BI-XDC

    Brookhaven BI-DCP is a digitally controlled, high resolution, particle size distribution analyzer. It yields high resolution results in the size range from 0.01 to 30 microns. The BI-XDC provides both centrifugal and gravitational sedimentation in one instrument.

  • goniometer 2


    The Bl-200SM Research Goniometer System provides access to studies of both Static Light Scattering (SLS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) with an automatic,modular and versatile system. It is a precision instrument designed for exacting scattering measurements. It is field-proven in hundreds of laboratories. It is ideal for macro-molecular studies and submicron particle sizing.

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